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1215 Jordan Street, North Liberty, IA 52317

Pastor Tom and Mrs. Emily Gibson

I thought Sunday School was just for Children?!?

You're not alone! When Sunday School is mentioned, many people think of little children's classes with lots of coloring activities and story 

time. However, that is not the purpose or the vision of the North Liberty Baptist Church Sunday School Program.

Sunday School is our time to CONNECT! We want to get to know you and we want you to have the opportunity to get to know us. 

We meet in different groups, based upon age, that have activities together, attend events together, and ​spend quality time together 

with the purpose of CONNECTION.

If you are new to NLBC you will want to get involved in Sunday School as soon as possible.

Adult and Youth Teacher - Derrick Grant

Beginning at 9:30 each Sunday Morning everyone starts off in the auditorium for a song, devotion by Pastor Gibson, and acknowledgement of birthdays and anniversaries of the week. All those ages 11 and under are then dismissed to their classes and the youth and adults stay in the auditorium for a lesson from Bro. Derrick Grant. Derrick has an energetic personality and a unique gift in presenting God's Word through teaching. Sunday School is the best way to connect with people in your age group at the North Liberty Baptist Church.

Sunday School Groups

Ages 3-6

Mrs. Emily Gibson has a great time every week singing songs and telling Bible stories. This is a fun group of children who have a lot of energy, and they get to use a lot of that energy during their time in Sunday School.

When asked what she likes most about the class Mrs. Emily said:

"I like that everything is so new to them and they are learning all about God and all that He can do. They love learning about the miracles of God."

Ms. Kendra leads the young people ages 7-11 years old. Ms. Kendra does a tremendous job in allowing every child to participate and encourages each to grow in their knowledge of Scripture. Illustrative stories and real life applications allow for great understanding of biblical lessons. Special trips to the zoo and pizza parties are just some of the fun benefits of being part of this class.